The Ascension Prophecy - The Time is NOW! - by Ann Campbell

The Ascension Prophecy - The Time is NOW! - by Ann Campbell
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The brutal death of a Templar Knight, centuries earlier, is the keystone to a dramatic quest that propels two families into the mystery and magic of their deeper purpose…

An adventure holiday in the wilds of south-west France beckons, when the Worthington and Lefevre families are thrown into the epicentre of an ancient prophecy. Their strength, courage and commitment to the Truth will be tested to the limits…for the Dark Forces will challenge their Light.

About the Author

Ann Campbell has taught in Primary and Middle schools for over twenty years. She has studied and practised meditation, yoga and natural healing techniques throughout her adult life. Ann has always had a keen interest in the deeper questions about our existence and continues to be a seeker of the Truth. The author lives in Cheshire, England, with her partner and has three children and five grandchildren.

5* Review

Ann Campbell’s spectacular debut novel is impossible to put down. Mystery, suspense, otherworldly adventures and imminent dangers all lurk within its pages. The veil between Heaven and Earth is suddenly lifted and we disappear into hitherto unseen worlds…

The Time is NOW! is much more than a beautifully written book. It is a major contribution to the birth of a new soul-aware civilisation. Perfect for children and adults alike, it must surely become a modern-day classic. May it herald many more such adventures in the Ascension Prophecy series from this amazingly gifted writer!

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