Happy Mugs full set - Promoting love, happiness, health and well being (single mug €5 each)

Happy Mugs full set - Promoting love, happiness, health and well being (single mug €5 each)
Price: €30.00 (plus shipping)

Beautiful . Friendly . Lovely . Nurturing . Strong . Unique
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happy mugs - a unique product range of high quality, unbreakable, microwave/dishwasher safe and everyday (very useful!) mugs designed to encourage and promote positive mental health (happy thoughts) and emotional well being (healthiness).

happy mugs are perfect for all ages yet especially ideal for our little ones (from as young as 1 year old). These exclusive mugs (seven lovely colours and nurturing words) are special gifts encouraging positive cognitive processing on a day to day basis (in simple terms; happy, healthy, feel good thinking! )

100 % True facts:

The display of positive words and affirmations subliminally develops positive thinking - being one of the most important and valuable gifts we can offer our children, and ourselves (!) - developing healthy self esteem at an early and influential age.

The overall facts about our lovely and colourful happy mugs:

  • Instilling good values and teaching positive qualities of being
  • The overall development of a healthy self esteem
  • Self belief, self awareness and a sense of inner security
  • Developing positive vocabulary, speech, reading & communication skills
  • BPA Free Unbreakable plastic (throwable), hygienic & stackable
  • SAN – food safe, EN71 Health regulations compliant
  • Microwave & Dishwasher safe (ideal for a ‘healthy’ bedtime hot chocolate)
  • Indoor & outdoor use, (perfect for parties, picnics, camping & outdoor play)
  • Made in UK

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