Strength of a Rose

Strength of a Rose
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Fourteen devotional songs from the heart. These are songs that touch the spirit, sung beautifully by Miten and Deva Premal to the sensitive accompaniment of acoustic guitar. The duo's best-selling album creates a space of silence and meditation.

"Lovely, simple guitar and piano accompanies these two lovers' beautiful voices on a refreshing journey that sets some profound and loving images and teachings in a tender musical landscape that will draw you in to wander in the meadows of the heart."
Branches of Light, Canada

Track Listing/Samples
White Cloud, White Swan 4:12
Silent Space With You 4:20
Watching Your Vision 3:25
Beyond The Beyond 3:24
Love Will Lead Us On 4:04
Purnima 2:25
Totally Wild, Absolutely Free 4:47
Sing Your Own Song 3:19
Man of the Mountains 2:57
Strength of a Rose 3:25
Everything 4:22
I Can Hear Your Music 2:51
The Inescapable 2:29
Enough For Me 3:19

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